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Coyote Scramble

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About this event:

Created by Lilias

Coyote Scramble Ultras

June 1-3, 2018
Kingdom Trails, East Burke, VT

It’s a Coyote thing — not a race, more a rambling run-centric party, with Coyote-brand hospitality/awards, on the spectacular single track of the Kingdom Trails surrounding E. Burke, Brrrrmont.

Wheels Shot from Heaven's Bench

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This year’s opportunity to play skews toward Coyote veterans and their (and my own) recruited rookies.  Rookies intent to play will unleash active search for veterans to sponsor your entry (effusive bribes may help), a quick visit to ’17’s Players Page as first source of potential sponsors.  ’18’s skewing downward on entrant access also anticipates a smaller but not less frivolity-rich list of players; and with the compression, we’ll not suffer the heretofore usual confusion (much organized for that purpose) associated with an application form.  Entry will be acknowledged thru the sequence of getting approved to play, followed by necessary email traffic to confirm your anticipated play amount, followed by Buffoon’s receipt of your $$ to hold your spot, followed by you showing up to play.  Sounds more like a simplistic fun run, don’t it?  ayup…

Your schedule of opportunities includes the following:

Friday: at 3PM at the Kingdom Farm Lodge ( on Pinkham Rd outside E. Burke, you’ll roam a few miles (7-10?) to get travel kinks out of your legs, then clean up just enough to get your legs and head psyched up for different coordination challenges on the alleys of St Johnsbury’s  Pizza and embellishments to accompany said eye/foot/ball coordination challenge.

Saturday:  6’ish start for a full day’s roaming the NEK trails.  With plenty of sunlight available (contrast to ’17’s Fall version), surely some of the big dog feet will hunt down 50’ish miles out there, with shorter options available to those in more prominent “run just enough to justify the partying” mentality.  Evening BBQ at the Lodge with Talent Night as day’s end frivolity; again, very thrilled that Tritium Well will serve as professional musical talent beyond what y’all throw at the agenda.  Nifty prizes for brave display of questionable and real talent.

Sunday:  maybe as early a start as Saturday, similar and new trails to discover, and earlier finish time to afford, once we dispense with post-run feed and “awards” ceremony, sufficient time for downcoast kids the chance to make it home in time for psyching themselves up for work the next day (you poor souls…).

Play options: Revisiting the available and partaken (partooken? partooked?) options from the last couple years, the most popular choices were and hence will be for this year the following two prime choices (post-wknd thrills added below these):

  • Option 1: Consume all 3 days on the trails + 3 meals + Tritium Well entertainment + Bowling + Patagonia apparel + the normal Coyote hospitality of treasures waiting for reasons to be dispersed
  • Option 2: Chomp on just the Saturday miles + the Patagonia piece + dinner + Tritium Well entertainment
  • Option 3:  for those uber-hungry for tons of miles, consider organizing for Coyote Two Moon’s 100M/100K opportunity on the preceding 3 days to the weekend (5/29-31).  You’ll see details on the cousin website next door to this one…
  • Option 4: More Miles on non-Kingdom Trails dirt (think “White Mountains”) on Mon/Tue, June 4-5, subject to Buffoon’s vetting for who plays (we ain’t NorthFace, so we lean toward conservative on #’s and types of feet on those difficult trails), cuz some feet just can’t be satisfied with a mere 2+ days of dirt (or even C2M’s dirt), especially those feet that spend more time flying/driving than running/trekking. Aside from the vetting to gain access, there’s no filter to join this adventure, but those who DO get in will incur costs for lodging, meals, maybe some aid, and minor contribution to typically worthless awards.


Entry Fee:  still in the works, but guesstimate this early is around $150 for Scramble weekend alone ($100 if just Option 2), so squirrel away those 3 Grants or 150 Washingtons so THAT end of the equation isn’t later in jeopardy of undermining your game.

Here’s where, on this page, we traditionally lay out more details on how we operate (frivolity, hospitality, awards, yada yada), but since this year’s participants will draw initially from our veterans, repeating that blather just takes up unnecessary non-working synapses in your brain function.  For the rookies reading this, well, you’ll just have to rely on the credulity of your sponsor for any meaningful information to further hook you into the game.

Accommodations:  we’re back at Kingdom Farm as primary lodging, tho once that fills up (~40 pillows available), there’s no shortage of other options nearby.  Go hunt, but if you’ve questions about any one of the others before you plunk down your CC number, we’ll offer input.

Entry Cutoffs: 4/20 for anyone expecting to get Patagonia apparel; 5/20 as final cutoff (no entries accepted afterward).

Sponsors ‘n Supporters:  some terrific ones, noted on our basic home page and from whom we (YOU) are richly rewarded and for whom we’re most grateful.

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