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Coyote Two Moon Run

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About this event:

Created by Lilias

In 2018, we’re hosting one version on the Kingdom Trails on Tue-Thur, 5/29-31.  This particular rendition will be a Paws de Deux experience, translated as entry will be by Partners only (no solos, tho pairs can enjoin for a larger pack).  Logistics of support will depend on how many Partner groups come to play.  Entry fee will follow costs of support, pre-/post-pain feeds, buckle, and apparel (see below), with total cost likely to hover near $75 w/o the apparel.  And unlike below, you’ll have to suffer the experience of the Buffoon functioning as RD.  Oh, well…  Go read Patrick’s report on 2017’s KT C2M effort, to improve the tease of coming to roam the spectacular single track of Kingdom Trails for a couple moons’ worth of miles…

Coyote Moon

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