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Kingdom Canine Center

KCC offers grooming with all natural shampoos and gentle grooming methods.  We work with you and your pet to figure out what would be best for the both of you.  Nail trims, ear cleaning, brushing, 2 baths, and trimming (if needed) are included in your pets grooming.

Dog daycare is offered on Tuesday and Thursday for just $15.  We hope to add more days soon.  Dogs play all day and sleep all night!

Overnight boarding.  Our rooms are roughly 4×8 and indoors.  Your pets will wake up around 6 AM and go to bed around 10 PM.  With plenty of playtime and/or human interaction throughout the day.  The owner lives on the premises so your pet is never alone at night.

Training.  We use positive reinforcement methods.  We encourage you to have a thinking dog, because thinking dogs tend to be more confident dogs!

Agility.  Just simply a lot of fun!  It is great both mentally and physically for your dog.  We will teach your dog to go over jumps, through hoops and tunnels and over a-frames.  It is another great way to bond with your dog, while you both have a blast 🙂