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Trail Closings & Rain Policy

We keep the majority of the Darling Hill Trails open at all times. The Darling Hill trails comprise 70% of our system. However…with rain, comes a muddy, messy trail system…forcing us to close our trails near Burke Mountain. The trails on Burke Mountain have a different soil type and tend to erode quicker when wet. As much as closing these trails can be an inconvenience to our users who have come to visit, it is mandatory that we do this so as not to damage the mountain trails. Any amount of users who ride when we close our trails can lead to severe erosion and damage, as well as hours of labor repairing the trails. If there is a chance of rain, there is a good chance the Burke Mountain trails will be closed, but the Darling Hill trails will remain open.

  • Check out our trail conditions & descriptions page on our website for up to date conditions and closings.
  • Call or email us about any of your trail inquires.
  • We ask that you please follow this policies, for the future health of the trail system.

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