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Job Opportunity: Kingdom Trail Association Executive Director




Kingdom Trail Association Executive Director position


In 1994 Kingdom Trail Association (KTA) started as a small non-profit, grass-roots community trails project. Some local visionaries who knew enough about old logging roads, the area’s soils and topography as well as trail building sought and secured the permission of a handful of private landowners and businesses to forge ahead with their trails experiment. Through the growing support and participation of private landowners and volunteer trail crews devoting countless weekends to trail building, 50 miles of multi-use, non-motorized recreational trails were created and mapped by 2000.  Today, with nearly 100 miles of trails, Kingdom Trails is considered a world-class mountain biking destination and 4-season recreational trail network that draws nearly 100,000 visitors annually and contributes nearly $10 Million to the area’s economy. The trails have also served as a sustaining mechanism to preserve and celebrate the area’s natural and working landscape, a revered part of the Northeast Kingdom’s heritage and sense of place. Unlike most other mountain bike destination trail systems, KTA exists because of community cooperation and generosity; the 88 landowners who have opened their properties and share their beautiful land as well as those visionaries and volunteers who shared their time and toil to create something that we think is very unique and special. Underlying the forest canopies and open expanses of fields and farmland of KTA’s well-traveled switch backs, berms and bridges is a spirit of gratitude. This core value transcends and guides the organization, from its Board of Directors and staff, to landowner and community stewardship, and to the servicing and support of trail members and users.


During the 13-year tenure of KTA’s last Executive Director the organization experienced remarkable growth, not only in the scale of the trails network and the organizational infrastructure, but also in landowner participation, events and ridership. The profile of the trail system went from regionally known to globally known as a must-visit destination for mountain bikers. Ridership has evolved from hard core mountain bikers and 4-season trail enthusiasts living primarily in northern New England and Quebec to families and all ability levels from around the US and beyond. Length of stay-to- play has increased from day or weekend visits to weekly stays, and so too has the Organization’s Annual versus Daily Memberships. By-and-large the growth has had an incredibly positive impact on the trail system, our organization and financial stability and for the community overall, but there have been growing pains and challenges, including safety, town congestion, trail erosion, resource-planning, growth management, trail network vulnerabilities and Welcome Center infrastructure. Recognizing these issues as well as new opportunities, KTA formulated and recently completed a 3-year strategic plan. So, while day-to-day management and leadership of the Organization will be in his or her charge, the Executive Director’s near term focus and priorities will be driven by the implementation and execution of the strategic plan’s goals, action items and desired outcomes. In completing this process, the Executive Director will play an instrumental and lead role in proposing and setting mid-and long-term plans and goals designed to keep KTA on strong, yet adaptable footing and in continuous and healthy engagement with the community and key stakeholders.


  • Work with the Board of Directors (BODs) and staff, distill and adapt the 3-year strategic plan into an actionable and measurable work plan with timelines and key deliverables. Implement and manage work plan, and modify as needed. Link strategic goals to the KTA’s operational objectives, feeding directly into the annual budget cycle. Help facilitate the development of subsequent plans and repeat this 
  • Oversee and manage KTA’s programs, staff, facilities and Ensure consistent and standardized procedures for operation and finance are in place that support staff and reinforce the foundation of the organization’s culture.
  • Maintain KTA’s position as a global leader in trail network quality, innovation and user experience. Pursue opportunities and new techniques to enhance the trail system and user
  • Lead community and stakeholder engagement. Work to broaden KTA’s presence in the community with volunteer activity, encouraging participation of its stakeholders, supporting events and raising awareness of community issues, needs and
  • Ensure the organizational culture aligns with KTA’s core values and informs all communication, outreach and interaction with customers, fellow staff, volunteers, donors, landowners, community members, partners,
  • Establish open and regular communication with landowners. Foster and develop strong working relationships, and to the extent possible, assist with and/or be aware of succession planning. With the aim of keeping the landowners together, advocate on the local and state level regarding issues of land use, liability protection, regulations and legislative action that could put the trail system or landowners at
  • Develop and foster alliances and partnerships with like-minded organizations, including trail clubs and associations, outdoor recreation entities, land conservationists and economic development organizations on the local, state and regional level. Share best practices and perspectives as well as form coalitions as needed to advance shared goals and
  • Evaluate and implement professional development and staff performance framework; review and update workplace and worker policies as needed. Empower the staff to take ownership of their areas of
  • Effectively manage both “up and down” to the BOD, subcommittees, and KTA staff. Maintain transparency and open communication channels and involve staff in Board meetings as appropriate; openly share and discuss Board minutes and
  • Work with staff and the BOD to develop, manage and analyze the annual Provide monthly and quarterly updates and reporting on budget vs. actuals and reforecast as needed.
  • Oversee fiscal management and internal financial controls, and with the BOD, take necessary measures to ensure the short- and long-term financial welfare of the organization, to include financial planning related to membership rates, advertising, KTA-branded merchandise development and sales, fee-based events, KTA licensing/sponsorship, working capital through a credit line; fundraising for restricted/unrestricted funds, donor cultivation and
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with tax-exempt
  • Document and publicize KTA program accomplishments and community outreach and
  • Work with the BOD and Marketing and Events manager, evaluate and consider the development of a Brand/Image Standards Manual and Annual
  • Work with the Trails Manager to develop annual trail maintenance and trail expansion plans, budgets and timelines, a project work plan process and tracking system: assist with resource planning and seasonal trail crew recruitment and
  • Work with the Marketing and Events Manager to develop annual marketing and event plans and to formulate promotion and event budgets and
  • Work with Welcome Center Manager to develop annual operational plan, including site needs and improvements, ticketing, seasonal staff needs, supply procurement,
  • Work with the Welcome Center Manager and Retail Manager to develop merchandise inventory buy plans and sales


  • Bachelor’s or advanced degree in natural resource management, environmental studies, outdoor recreation, business/non-profit management, or related field
  • Proven leadership experience, at the director or general manager level or equivalent
  • Excellent communication skills, with an emphasis on listening
  • Understands the character of a small town
  • Aligns with KTA’s mission and core values
  • Passionate about outdoor recreation and appreciation for the Northeast Kingdom
  • Proven track record of accomplishments
  • Budget planning and management experience
  • Proven problem solving abilities
  • Consensus builder but decisive
  • Ability to inspire community among the Board, staff, landowners, partners, and the public-at-large
  • Demonstrated ability to motivate staff
  • Demonstrated ability to adapt to changing landscape and conditions
  • Demonstrated program evaluation skills
  • Demonstrated ability to navigate politically-charged Issues and interests
  • Practices a collaborative management style
  • Proven people skills, with an ability to work with a wide variety of perspectives, ages, experiences and professions
  • Knowledge about the mountain biking industry and culture a plus


  • An engaged, supportive and active BOD who will empower you to lead
  • Seasoned staff who are passionate about KTA and our community
  • Unmatched community support and enthusiasm for what we/ you are doing
  • Open, casual and vibrant workplace
  • Retirement plan
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Sick, family and bereavement leave
  • Flexible hours
  • Professional education and enrichment
  • Steps from the Trails
  • Outdoor recreation is encouraged as part of your job!


We are accepting applications through Saturday, September 30th. Please submit Cover Letter and Resume to: