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Apres Ski Live Music in the Bear Den – Starline Rhythm Boys

Events > 2018 > January > Apres Ski Live Music in the Bear Den - Starline Rhythm Boys

About this event:

Created by Lilias

Sat, Jan. 13, 2018 3:00pm — 6:00pm


SRB Pointing Western Winter 12 11 07 Huntington Stultz2

These “three old guys playin’ country” have been together for over 17 years, deliverin’ a fine mix of their own tunes and covers. And that’s a long time!

Big Al Lemery shines bright under any stage light. The sound that echoes out of his well-worn Fender Tele “widow maker” is powerful and can be downright spine tingling. Al’s been banging out the beat throughout the northeast for 40 years. After stints in Albany, NY with the likes of Johnny Rabb’s Jailhouse Rockers and Badge, Al made his way north to Burlington, VT. He is now in his element with The Starline Rhythm Boys. In addition to his lead playing, Al’s powerful harmonies and strong lead singing round out the trio’s high lonesome and hot rockin’ sound. Also, when he croons out a ballad, everybody listens. Along with all this, Al is also a fine songwriter as evidenced by his big hit, “Drunk Tank”. And…Big Al is the true “Pickin’ Fisherman”!

Danny Coane, the Prince of Montpelier an’ Rockin’ Pride of Vermont, just keeps on rollin’ after 45 years in the business. He has fronted bluegrass, country and blues bands, but the rockabilly act “The Throbulators” gained him national exposure. Danny led the “Throbs” across the country and across the border. When you talk about “the real deal”, you’re talking about cats like Danny. He sings with soul and relentless enthusiasm, writes some and picks a banjo and guitar with equal ability. He is the main lead singer and a rhythmic (acoustic guitar) foundation for the band. In short, Little Danny C. is “Pepper Hot, Baby.”

Billy Bratcher holds down the beat for the trio on upright acoustic bass (doghouse, bull fiddle or floor bass as it’s sometimes called). He toured with Texas Juke Joint King Wayne “The Train” Hancock and became well known throughout the US for mastering the unique “slap bass” style. Billy put out a “slap” bass instructional video for beginners on Hot Licks. He can be heard on the title track of Hancock’s “That’s What Daddy Wants” CD. In addition to his high energy playing, flamboyant showmanship an’ great spirit for things old an’ cool, Billy B. is a consummate songwriter. Billy has written most of the Starline Rhythm Boys’ original numbers that have been put out on their four releases an’ each one rings true like a classic song.

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Address: 2559 Mountain Road, East Burke VT 05839