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PMBIA Level 1 Instructor Certification Course

Events > 2017 > July > PMBIA Level 1 Instructor Certification Course

About this event:

Created by Lilias

2059 Darling Hill Rd. Lyndonville, VT. 05851

PMBIA is considered on of the leading Mountain Bike Instructor Certification Programs in the world.

If you are a high school coach, want to be a mtn bike guide, ride leader, or just want to better understand mountain biker, this is a great course for you.

The Level 1 course is for both new and experienced instructors alike, looking to learn how to skillfully teach and guide beginner to intermediate mountain bikers, in both cross country and downhill environments. New instructors learn the tools they need to safely and effectively teach, while experienced instructors will increase their level of skill and understanding in teaching and riding theory, that the PMBI Certifications uniquely provide.

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