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Coyote Scramble Ultras

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About this event:

Created by Lilias


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It’s a Coyote thing… not a race, more a rambling run-centric party (with Coyote-brand hospitality/awards) on the spectacular single track of the Kingdom Trails.

  • Coyote LogoFriday: at 4PM at Kingdom Farm (Kingdom Farm Lodge) you’ll roam a few miles (7-10?) to get travel kinks out of your legs, then drift over to St Johnsbury’s Gold Crown Lanes to display your genetically deficient skills at bowling (whereby said former kinks may return to your legs). Pizza ‘n vegetable munchies provided to fuel said deficient skills. Prizes for notably embarrassing performances on the lanes…
  • Saturday: at 6AM, y’all will roam the Kingdom Trails, either following our suggested routes (20/30/40’ish miles) or on whatever route your curiosity requires — we’ll have aid stations reasonably positioned to help you wander with sustenance. Post-roam, we’ll repair to the Farm for a sizable feed with accompaniment of both your own creative talents (yes, more prizes to earn!!), plus the more practiced sweet rhythms of Tritium Well (don’t worry, unless they change their game, there won’t be any sing-alongs).
  • Sunday: at 7AM, yay!! more Kingdom Trails!! similar game as Saturday (our 15/30’ish miles or your routes), with still more awards to dispense after the Vermont Food Truck Company feeds us (link to them on FB or under Mike’s Tiki Bar at this link Yay! ‘Chuli’s!). After all that, tho you may be tired, sore and otherwise dragged out, a part of you will want to stick around for more dirt and play…