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Winterbike 2018- March 3rd

Kingdom Trails and Mountain Bike Vermont have partnered once again for the 6th annual WinterBike Fatbike Festival, March 3 2018 brings the largest Winterbike yet: more pedaling people, more groomed trails, more festivities, more fun!

Basic Registration for the event gives you access to the Kingdom Trails network and all Winterbike activities on Saturday including group rides, fatbike demos, lunch and beverages, music, fire, sugar on snow, games, race spectation, and swag!

FRIDAY PRE-REG PARTY: We will host a pre-registration checkin & social on Friday March 2nd at the Tamarack Pub & Grill. Plan to show up between 6:00 and 8:00pm for early registration and pre-gaming! Yup, skip the Saturday morning lineup and head straight into the event!

DEMO FATBIKES will be available from the vendors in the Expo area for 45 minute rides throughout the day on a first come first served basis. Demo loops will be signed and be an optimal length for a perfect 45 minute “ride it like you stole it” demo experience.

NEW THIS YEAR: Shops attending will offer Demos and/or rentals. You’ll be able to contact your favorite shop in advance of the event to procure a steed to use all day. Details and prices will vary per vendor.

THE REMOTE AID STATION: In keeping with tradition, MTBVT will be hosting the aid station with the usual local delights and personalities.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Continue the festivities with a party from 4-6pm at the Burke Publick House

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE – as the day approaches we’ll be adding details of the event. Timing is subject to change based on the forecasted temperatures for the day. As we all know, fatbiking is snow condition and weather dependent so planning out the day will be an organic experience…

Friday March 2nd
6:00-8:00 Early check in/onsite registration Social, at The Tamarack Pub & Grill at Burke Mountain.
Enjoy dinner specials, fine beverages and live music.

Saturday March 3rd
6:30-7:45 Vendor Set up
7:30-10:30 Junipers Restaurant open for breakfast
8:15 Pre-reg check in/onsite reg. opens
10:30 Remote Aid Station opens
11:30-2:00 Lunch
12:00 Kegs are tapped
1:00 Remote Aid Station shuts down… maybe
1:00-3:00 Sugar on Snow
1:30 Race Registration closes
1:45 Racers Meeting
2:00 Race
3:30 Games & Awards
4-6 Party at the Publick House

Sunday March 4th
Business as usual. Stick around and go on a recovery ride for regular Kingdom Trail pass price. We do every year. You should too!

RIDE DEPARTURE SCHEDULE (ride description below)

8:30 Epic Ride departs
8:45 Advanced Ride departs
9:00 Expo opens/ Demo bikes available
9:15 Intermediate Ride departs
9:30 Ladies Intermediate Ride departs
9:45 Intermellow Ride departs
10:00 Intro Ride Departs

Demo Bikes provided by:

Local shops to contact for Fatbike rentals:
Village Sport Shop Trailside- East Burke, VT.
East Burke Sports- East Burke, VT.

Epic Ride: 4-5ish hour ride on easy to advanced singletrack at a moderate to aggressive pace with a stop at the Remote Aid Station

Advanced Ride: 4ish hours on moderate to advanced level singletrack at a moderate to aggressive pace with a stop at the Remote Aid Station

Intermediate Ride: 3ish hours on easy to advanced singletrack at a mellow to moderate pace with a stop at the Remote Aid Station

Intermellow Ride: a NEMBA member will lead a 3ish hour ride at a relaxed to moderate pace on easy to advanced singletrack with a stop at the aid station

Intro and Family Rides: 1-2 hour mellow pace on easy to moderate trails

Looking for lodging options? Check the Accommodations listings at
Special Winterbike lodging packages available at Burke Mountain Hotel & Conference Center

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